Nuts and Bolts, but Mostly Bolts. Sport Lead Climbing

Learning to lead adds a new dimension to climbing. No longer just about the physical aspect of climbing, climbers must develop new skills such as safe habits for rope management and mental mastery by suppressing irrational fears. Lessons include safe falling, climber/belayer communication and options for descending routes.



Trad is Rad! The Dark Arts of Traditional Lead Climbing.

So, you’re feeling adventurous and are ready to start placing gear on lead? Lessons will include discussing and demonstrating placements of active and passive protection, cleaning/seconding routes, and climbing and resting more efficiently while on route. As time and interest allows participants may also learn about advanced communication and some rescue skills.


Higher Aspirations. Learning to Climb Multi-Pitch Routes

Sadly, the Midwest doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities for true multi-pitch climbing. If the mountains are calling you west (or east for that matter) learns skills and knowledge to climb more efficiently, build safe belay station (including the hanging belay!) and speed quickly through belay transitions. Participants will also will also familiarize themselves with some basics self-rescue and other rescue techniques.